Monday, 28 April 2008

Sunday 20th of April

Sunday night
There are no words that actually describe what happened and that is the truth of it.
All through Sunday God was calling me to come and "Be" with him, however you know times are busy and I found excuses. In the evening Naomi and Chrissy came over, and this urge was so strong I wasn't able to ignore it anymore. The rain was pouring down outside and it was dark and cold.. and I asked them if they felt like coming to the woods with me because I felt God wanted to say something. and AMAZING friends that they are, agreed and we got our wellies on and drove to the woods. Expectant upon God.
We arrived at the dark, wet woods.. and ventured inside. We didn't go in too far, enough so that we were completely surrounded by trees but could see the path way out.
We started by getting right with God and talking about things that had been going within us and around us over the last couple of days/weeks.
I can't really describe how it all went from there, but its true to say, Jesus was returning to us the "Joy of his salvation" (psalm 51) we were laughing, jumping, clapping, singing, crying, in complete awe. There was three girls in the woods late on a Sunday night, all dancing round a big tree.
This explains what God was doing:
Like a child I will dance in your presence
Oh let the joy of heaven fall down on me
I still remember the first time I met you
and I don't ever want to loose that fire
We got our first flame back for Jesus.
Things quietened down a little, and one of the girlies felt that we were going to see an angel. This became really exciting, until nothing turned up. I then realised that we were in JESUS' presence, an angel is lower than him. we were walking and dancing, clapping, singing with Jesus. RIGHT THERE. we had put far to much worth into seeing the angel. and we refocused our eyes on Jesus.
As we did so, there were angels there anyway. you could feel them all around you, a mist had settled in the woods and not everywhere just in this particular place. Jesus was there.
We felt like we were in the garden of Eden, God, Man and creation. Nothing else.
It's hard to explain something like this because it is completely unfathamoable. there aren't words that could even midly explain what we felt.
all I can say is that, we really had a true glimipse of heaven. a true glimpse of home.
There is so much more I could say about this, but im realising it really isn't going to do any justice.