Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Leaving tomorrow..

I'm leaving tomorrow.

I know I haven't written here in forever, so much has been happening it'd be impossible to explain everything, so i'll just start from where I am now.

I'm leaving for South Africa tomorrow, I'll be there until February and within that time I'm going to Jo'burg, Durban, Nambia, Cape town (where base is), Malawi and I think that's about it for the time being.
My first stop is Cape Town but the day after I arrive I fly out to Jo'burg with one of my best friends P.J and his mummy Celeste We're going to a game park just north of Jo'burg - Called Dunkeld, which is just rather ironic cause Dunkeld is another place we looked at, for laying Joey to sleep. I'm excited, I'm really ready to get away from England now, It's been the longest summer of my life, yet everything that happened in July seems like yesterday but everything in between has just dragged on and on.

Jesus has been so good to me. He really has been my hope, I needed a hope to ge me through, and I was weak and am weak, and yet Jesus is still my hope.

I still don't understand.. I don't understand why Joey, but I'm at peace. No that doesn't mean I don't cry all the time, or miss him every second of this day, or still get so frustrated and angry that I can't ring my bro up for a chat, or I can't cuddle him.. or I can't remind him just one more time of just how amazing he is to me.

I'm looking forward to getting into the New Year, 2008 has been a year I want to forget, but know I never will. 2009 will bring changes, and new adventures, new smiles and no doubt new tears. But it'll bring hope, because his mercies are new EVERY morning.

Jesus please walk with me, be my only hope.

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